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20 years of experience in golf services

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  • Environment

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  • Management systems

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  • Greenkeeping

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  • Specialised Features Project

  • Course alterations

  • Establishing a project and works team

  • Construction work management

  • Grow-In: Management from seeding up to the opening date

Over the past 20 years, Portugal has been highlighted as a golf destination both in Europe and worldwide, particularly in the Lisbon and Algarve regions.


Included in the multitude of accolades awarded - many of which repeatedly - are those in the categories of "best golf destination of the year".


It is at this standard that Native conducts its business, having accumulated eight years of experience, plus benefiting from the practical knowledge of more than 20 years achieved by its founders and employees.


Part of our recognition has resulted from our involvement with preparing golf courses for international tournaments such as those of the European PGA Tour (Portugal Masters), World Cup and the Seniors Open