We live for golf, in Portugal and in the world.


We are a company created in 2007, specialised in Golf Courses, from the planning stage to operation. Its fields of activity include consultancy, management, maintenance and design.   

Native represents the  Arnold Palmer Design Company throughout the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa.

Recognition of its work in Portugal has spurred its expansion internationally, backed by the Portugal2020 programme.  





We aim to:

Enhance the standards of golf course quality in order to improve the playing experience.

Foment golf course sustainability and profitability.

Contribute towards the development of golf business.

Exceed the expectations of our customers.

Improve all our employees at both the personal and professional level.

Export the know-how we have gained in Portugal.





To be a benchmark company in both Portugal and the countries where it is active.

To manage all assets entrusted to us autonomously.





Trust - we manage with zeal and ​strictness, as if the item concerned is our own

Consistency - always ready and available

Credibility - based on rigour and simplicity

Positiveness - helping to anticipate and solve multiple problems


Native Golf Services | native@native.golf | +351 919 533 033